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A Delicious 2021 Awaits! Check Out This List of Predicted Food and Dining Trends

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The past year was filled with unexpected events, from the current global health crisis to the shortage of toilet paper, and much more. Now that 2020 is finally behind us, we look forward to the many things in store for us in 2021 – which include these unique food and dining trends. Keep reading to learn which foods and experiences experts believe will dominate the industry in 2021.

Global Virtual Cooking Classes

2020 saw a meteoric rise in Zoom cooking classes – and this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. But, in 2021, we can expect to see chefs and other foodies go more global with their content, focusing more on non-Eurocentric foods, their roots, and practical applications to bring them into your kitchen at home. These classes might even transcend the kitchen table and introduce participants to the culture, art, music, and more associated with the food in question.

A Renewed Interest in Nutrition

You can thank the pandemic for renewing our collective interest in nutritional information – or, the actual vitamins and minerals powering our favorite foods. In 2021, restaurants and other food providers will rise to meet these modern-day expectations, making nutritional information more readily accessible for consumers. Another trend will focus on curated nutritious meals, which can be picked up or delivered at the consumers’ convenience and will help them enjoy vitamin-rich meals at home.

More Comforting Food and Experiences

After a year spent obsessing over cleanliness and missing out on valuable face-to-face interactions, it’s predicted that restaurants and other dining spaces will seek out ways to provide simple comforts to consumers in 2021. No more outlandish dishes or promotional strategies – just good food and quality hospitality, which experts predict will provide a new dimension of comfort and warmth during these remarkable, unprecedented times.

Healthy-ish Cocktails

First came hard seltzer, now comes hard kombucha? It’s likely to happen in 2021! Consumers are indicating accelerated interest in healthier cocktails and spirits. Alcohol-free brews and cocktails, lower-calorie offerings, and boozy versions of health drinks – like kombucha – are just a few examples of the types of beverages people are drinking into the new year. And, home mixologists will continue to drive the market, with cocktail-making kits and similar goods being ripe for the picking in 2021.

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