Prevent Weight Gain with These Tips to Avoiding Overeating While Working From Home

Maybe you need a healthy dose of social pressure to keep your hands off the chips. Perhaps, you simply don’t realize when you’re heading back into your kitchen for another “pick-me-up” snack. Whatever the reason, you might find that working from home is causing you to snack incessantly – way more than you normally would in the office. The good news is that you aren’t alone in encountering this problem, and there are ways to prevent overeating when you’re embracing remote employment. Read on for a few tips that will help you overcome your cravings.

Rule #1: Don’t eat while you work.

We understand just how convenient it can be to eat lunch while on a conference call or snack while knocking out certain tasks. But, according to a recent study conducted in 2020, distracted eating – or, eating while you’re watching TV, working, or scrolling through your social media feeds – affects taste processing and increases the likelihood that you’ll overeat. The next time you need to break for a snack, take a break! Don’t eat in front of your computer or another screen.

Rule #2: Stick to a schedule.

The events of 2020 have made it likely that your daily schedule is all out of whack. Yet, overeating is often a byproduct of failing to eat at regular intervals. Always start with breakfast, which should be your largest meal of the day, since your body burns more calories in the morning than at night. Follow it with a medium-sized lunch, and a small dinner after working hours. Regulate your meals, and your body won’t go hungry. Plus, you’ll sleep better at night, which will only increase your productivity at work.

Rule #3: Find healthier coping mechanisms.

It’s normal to turn to food as a coping mechanism when we’re stressed. However, if you always indulge your cravings based on your emotions, you’ll end up with weight gain, impaired immunity, poor sleep, and other health problems. Break the cycle by finding healthier ways to deal when the going gets tough. Try a stress ball, which you can squeeze when the need arises, or take a walk around our community. Being physical outdoors gives your body a one-two punch of feel-good chemical reactions.

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