10 Indoor Plants That Are Pet-Friendly and Easy to Care for

Adding color to a lackluster apartment is easy when you start growing indoor plants. Plants have that special ability to brighten up a space in an instant. Plus, indoor gardening is a fun, relaxing hobby and a great way to decorate your place.

But if you have both plants and pets, you should know that certain houseplants can be toxic to animals. These include the plants we all know and love: aloe vera, monstera, and pothos.

Fortunately, you don’t have to throw all of your plants away. There are lots of species that are safe for your furbabies.

Whether you’re figuring out which plants to keep or planning to purchase more plants, check out this list of low-maintenance and pet-safe houseplants.

1. Spider Plant

Extremely resilient and effective at purifying the air, spider plants are safe for your pets and healthy for your apartment home. While they’re non-toxic, your dog or cat might mistake their long, arching leaves for toys. Hang these plants near your window to keep your curious critter from damaging them.

2. Cast Iron Plant

For a tropical touch in your apartment, you can’t go wrong with a pet-safe plant that’s tough as nails. Cast iron plants thrive on neglect, so they’re perfect for busy pet owners. With their beautiful dark green foliage, these plants serve as beautiful additions to your interior.

3. Orchid

Need an eye-catching centerpiece for your end table? Orchids can bring natural elegance into your apartment. Give them bright indirect light and weekly watering, and you can enjoy their lovely pet-safe blooms.

4. African Violet

If you still want gorgeous pet-safe blooms to brighten up your apartment, African violets are another great choice. Keep their soil sufficiently moist, place them under indirect sunlight, and they’ll reward you with year-round pink and purple blooms.

5. Peperomia

Breathe life into a corner of your apartment by growing peperomia. Petite with cute little leaves, peperomias can serve as inconspicuous pieces of living decor. And the best part about these plants? They come in different sought-after varieties–and they’re all non-toxic to cats and dogs.

6. Nerve Plant

A cute drama queen of a plant, the nerve plant lets you know right away when it needs a drink of water. Once it flops overdramatically, you can simply restore its energy by watering it. This humidity-loving, low-light plant carries white or pink veins and is completely safe for pets.

7. Air Plant

Also known as tillandsias, air plants require no soil to grow–they absorb water through their leaves. They tolerate bright, indirect light and love a weekly soak in water.

Your pet might be tempted to nibble on their spindly leaves. So, to keep these plants protected, you can put them in terrariums or hanging air plant holders.

8. Calathea

Commonly referred to as the prayer plant, calathea moves (or closes) its leaves at night and bursts into life come daytime. Besides this special feature, this plant is popular among plant/pet parents because it’s easy to care for and animal-friendly too.

9. Certain Types of Ferns

While a lot of ferns are toxic to pets, there are certain varieties that are completely safe for your furry companion. These include “true ferns,” such as Boston, button, maidenhair, bird’s nest, and sword ferns. While they vary in size and shape, they pretty much have the same needs: a humid environment with indirect light and evenly moist soil.

10. Certain Succulents

Aloe vera, mother of thousands, jade plant, snake plant, and other succulents are toxic to pets. But if you dream of becoming a succulent owner, don’t worry–you can choose from a wide range of pet-friendly succulents, like the trailing burro’s tail, colorful echeveria, and miniature haworthia. As long as you have a bright sunny spot in your apartment, you can easily grow these pet-safe succulents.

With these pet-friendly houseplants, you can turn your apartment into a green haven without worrying about your beloved pets' safety. Happy gardening!

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