Fight Off Headaches When You Avoid These 3 Common Triggers

Do you struggle with headaches? You’re in good company. The World Health Organization estimates that 50 percent of adults have a headache at least once every year, and 30 percent of those individuals also experience migraines. Aside from the pain, one of the worst things about experiencing headaches is attempting to figure out what your unique triggers are. While most of us know to avoid things like red wine, MSG, and stress, some triggers fly under the radar. Here are 3 examples:

Skipping Breakfast Too Often

A lot of us neglect breakfast, whether due to our busy schedules, a lack of appetite first thing in the morning, or too much coffee consumption, which can kill any type of food cravings. Yet, if you find yourself sustaining a headache mid-morning on a regular basis, consider whether you’ve had any breakfast. In a recent study of 1,200 migraine sufferers, researchers found that missing a meal like breakfast was the second-most common trigger of headaches in men and the third most common trigger in women.

Experiencing a Bout of Bad Weather

You know to expect a headache when it begins to rain. But, what about other types of weather conditions? Thunderstorms and temperature spikes are common, lesser-known culprits of a throbbing head. A study in the journal Neurology reports that for every 40-degree crawl upward, the risk of a headache intense enough to cause a trip to the hospital also rises more than 7 percent. As for thunderstorms, people are 28 percent more likely to come down with a migraine on days when lightning struck near their homes.

Switching Up Your Routine

Switching up your routine can be intentional, like introducing a new fitness plan into your busy day, or unintentional, like accidentally sleeping too late multiple days in a row. Either way, If you're not consistently sleeping, exercising, and eating at the same time, you could be contributing to headache pressure and pain. According to experts, keeping your daily routine regular is a big component of preventing headaches.

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