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Make Your Smartphone Cleaner Than It Has Ever Been with These Tricks to Eliminating Germs

Your smartphone probably carries the most bacteria out of all of the items you own. Believe it or not, your smartphone could be carrying millions of germs right now, even! So, how should you address this all-too-common issue? All you have to do is follow these simple steps below to rid your smartphone of germs.

Before you clean any high-tech product, turn it off completely and unplug the cables. This will minimize damage if any liquid should get on the device. It's also a good idea to remove the case or cover and, if possible, take out your phone's battery.

Now, you’re ready to clean the phone’s screen. To disinfect your phone or tablet, wipe it down with alcohol- and ammonia-free disinfectant wipes, taking care not to let any of the liquid seep into the ports or mic areas. Use light pressure when wiping the screen to avoid scratches. If your device has a glass front and back, you'll need to clean both sides with the same care. If your screen is cracked, take extra care while cleaning. Wiping it at all can cause the cracks to spread and using a damp cloth can cause water damage.

Don't forget to also clean your phone’s case. Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and gently run it over whatever accessory you’re cleaning. To loosen stubborn dirt from ports, connectors, or under keys, use a dry paintbrush before wiping clean. You can also occasionally clean the charger, headphones, keyboard, stylus, and other accessories you frequently handle using a similar method.

Once your device and its accessories are clean, allow your phone, case, and components to dry completely before turning the device back on. Your phone or tablet is now clean and ready to use!

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