Looking for Gift Ideas That Branch Outside the Box? Wine Lovers Will Adore These Presents!

While a bottle of Pinot Noir may be the classic present for the wine-obsessed, receiving yet another bottle for the collection can be a little ho-hum. Instead, surprise the wine lover in your family or friend group this year with an appropriately grape-themed gift they'd never expect… or will forget. To help you find just the right tannic touch, we've rounded up some of the most useful and creative options around to make the oenophile – or multiple oenophiles – on your list smile.

Wine Decanter

Decanters are an excellent gift for the red wine lover! It also caters to those who love to get more bang for their buck – Trader Joe’s “stans,” we are talking to you! Decanting might not look like much, but the increased oxygen exposure can soften the astringent tannins and allow the fruit and floral aromas to shine. Decanters come in different shapes and sizes: swans, cornett, and duck, to name a few. You’ll also need to pay attention to the size of the base, depending on the body type of the wine.

Electric Wine Opener

Want to ease the process of opening a few bottles of vino with no muss or fuss? Then, an electric wine opener is where it’s at! Trust us – the wine lover in your life will thank you for the convenience you’ve afforded them, which will make up for all those nights wrestling with a traditional wine opener. Remember to purchase one that is lightweight, quiet, and energy-efficient, as no one wants to have to recharge a battery after every bottle or two.

Gourmet Cheese Collection

Did you know that you can have handcrafted artisan cheeses delivered to your door each month with subscription services, like the Cheese of the Month Club? Well, if you had no idea, perhaps, the wine lover in your life had no inkling, either. Sometimes, there are things in this life that you need and aren’t necessarily aware of, such as bigger and better cheese plates to pair with said wine. Enjoy a variety of cheese when you order from subscription service, from Stilton and Camembert to Gruyere.


Brands, like BruMate, have become the go-to for keeping your wine cool, crisp, and fresh. These babies will maintain the perfect temperature for any bottle of wine for up to 24 hours. Not to mention, you can eliminate the use of glasses, bottles, and any other precarious, breakable items. Their insulated wine travel sets are currently on sale and come with a Winsulator and two 14-ounce insulated wine tumblers!

Making our residents’ lives easier and more enjoyable is a primary goal of ours at Oxford at Lake Worth Apartments in Fort Worth, Texas. We hope that these new ideas add convenience to your day-to-day routine!

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