Start Preparing for the Holiday Season Early This Year

Although the holidays seem far away still, it is never too early to start thinking of holiday gift giving and entertaining. To help you get a head start, here is a simple and elegant craft project. Whether you keep it yourself for serving your guests, or give it away as a gift, it is sure to get rave reviews. The beauty of this project is that you can usually find lovely plates to use at a thrift store and the other materials at a hardware store, making this inexpensive and easy to do.
Tiered Serving Tray 
Materials Needed: 
Two or three plates in graduated sizes (small to large) 
A drill with a glass/tile drill bit 
Threaded lamp rod 
Nuts and washers that fit the lamp rod 
Lamp spacers (two of equal length and a shorter one) 
Lamp finial 

Mark and drill a hole through the center of each plate. The hole should be as large as the lamp rod. Place a nut and a washer on one end of the lamp rod, and insert the rod through the hole in the largest plate. Turn the plate over and attach a lamp base by adding a washer and threading on a nut. 
Turn the piece right side up, and add a lamp spacer, a washer and nut, and the next plate. Secure it with another nut and washer. If you are using three plates, add the next plate, and secure the same way. A short lamp spacer goes above the top plate. Finish the piece by screwing on a lamp finial.

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