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Tips for Comforting Howling Dogs

Howling is a normal form of communication in dogs. This doesn’t mean that you want your dog howling all day long. If your dog is excessively howling, here are some strategies to help limit this behavior.

Common reasons for excessive howling are separation anxiety, overstimulation of sounds, or medical conditions. If your dog is often left alone and is howling, you will need to address the cause. You may need to change your dog’s environment to help correct excessive howling. Do not leave your dog alone outside for long periods of time. You can also provide a quiet place for him or her to rest during the day or allow him in during the night. 

If there are too many uncomfortable sounds or environment noises, your dog may be distressed. To understand why your dog is howling, spend time in his or her environment. Are there other dogs nearby that howl? Is there a lot of traffic noise? Do pedestrians walk near your pet’s enclosure? These factors may cause your dog to howl more often.

To keep your dog from howling too much, try to get in some exercise before he or she is left alone. An early morning jog and then some time in a park playing catch in the evening may help provide deeper more restful sleep at night. If your dog stays indoors alone, turn on the television or a radio to mask outside noises. Be sure to keep the volume low so as not to overstimulate your dog. You can also offer your dog lots of touch stimulation when you are home. Pet your dog, brush his coat, and let him lie touching you. This can calm your dog and provide reassurance to him. 

Finally, consider getting a crate for sleeping and when you are not at home. This should only be done for short periods of time, so that your dog can get exercise and access to food and water. This can help your dog to rest and keep him or her from getting overstimulated. 

If none of these approaches work, then there may be another underlying cause. Dogs sometimes howl when they are sick or hurt. An injury can cause a dog to howl to get attention. If you suspect that your dog is not healthy, a visit to your vet is in order. Mention that you’ve noticed excessive howling. Your vet has strategies that may help.

Oxford at Lake Worth Apartments in Fort Worth, Texas hopes that these helpful tips will assist you in improving your overall daily lifestyle. 

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