3 Unsafe Methods to Avoid When Attempting to Heat Up Your Apartment

For many of us, a cold spell is met with relief. But, sometimes, a cold spell can coincide with malfunctioning heaters. While you should always contact maintenance if something of this nature happens, we also recognize that you may look for alternative ways to heat your apartment home, while waiting for the issue to be resolved.

Yet, before you get creative, you should know that not all heating methods are safe or effective. Here are three things you should never do, if you need to heat up your apartment home.

Lighting Candles

Candles can be safe to burn when used in moderation. But, if you’re attempting to warm your apartment with nothing more than candles, this could pose a serious fire hazard. Why? Well, since the heat given off by one candle is minimal, you’d have to use dozens – or more – candles to replicate the effects of a space heater. Remember, all it takes is one accident or wind draft to ignite a fire inside your apartment. Play it safe and seek out an alternative way to warm your space.

Running the Shower

A hot shower on a cold day is nothing short of rejuvenating. However, you should rethink your plans to continuously run a hot shower, in order to warm up your apartment home. Though water is far more innocuous than fire, running water for a long time ups the chances that you’ll experience a mold problem in your bathroom, or unintentionally create mildew stains on the walls. Not to mention, running hot water for too long is just plain wasteful, and will run up your water bill, while potentially robbing others in your community of warm water.

Keeping the Oven On

Spend an hour in a hot kitchen, and you’ll realize just how much an oven generates warmth. Yet, there’s no good reason to turn your oven on, in a bid to heat up your chilly apartment. For starters, leaving any major appliance on for an extended period of time automatically makes it more likely that you’ll experience a kitchen fire or worse. There’s also a heightened chance of injury or serious burns, should you trip over an open oven door. Plus, if you have a gas oven, and don’t use it properly, keeping the oven on for long periods of time could result in carbon monoxide poisoning.

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