4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Skin Soft and Supple Until Spring

December in Texas brings colder, drier air, nearly freezing rain, and sometimes even a flurry or two of snow. Though you might be able to handle the changing seasons with relative ease, your skin has a harder time surviving these conditions and will often start to dry out. Luckily, it is possible to save your skin during cold winter days. Try these skincare tips, which dermatologists use themselves when enduring the harsh winter months.

They switch cleansers.

If you usually grab an antibacterial or deodorant soap (like Irish Spring) when showering or washing your face, try something more hydrating. Though your usual soap may be fine during the spring and summer, it can dry your skin in the cooler months. Try a creamier, hydrating cleanser for your body and face during the winter and you’ll notice that your skin is better able to retain moisture.

They take shorter, not-so-hot showers.

When temperatures drop, it seems that our showers become longer and hotter – but, top dermatologists refrain from taking steamy showers in the winter, choosing instead to wash in a shorter, lukewarm stream of water. This is because hot water strips natural oils from your skin, causing it to dry out. Keep your water on the tepid side and you’ll avoid these adverse effects.

They use scrubs less often.

Whether used on your face or body, scrubs offer a good way to rid your skin of excess cells, dirt, grime, and more. Yet, scrubbing daily can cause inflammation and rob your skin of its natural moisture levels, resulting in – you guessed it! – drier skin. Though scrubs can still have a place in your skincare routine, refrain from using them more than once a week, and always follow them with a moisturizer.

They moisturize at the right time.

Speaking of moisturizer, do you know when the optimal time is to apply moisturizers and lotions? You might be surprised to learn that it’s right after washing your face or showering! Multiple studies show that moisturizing immediately after bathing is significantly better than moisturizing sometime after showering. Stash your favorite lotion in the shower, so you can apply it right after the water drains.

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