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Update Your Closet with Finds from These Beloved Fashion Subscription Services

Shopping for new outfits is something that many of us sorely miss, as we near a full year in pandemic-related lockdown. Yet, as with many other industries, technology has made it so easy to get our hands on new goods, that it’s hard to miss the sometimes-burdensome task of shopping in-store. If you aren’t sure what we mean, allow us to introduce you to these 3 fashion subscription services, which offer budget-friendly apparel for men and women.


If Anthropologie, Free People, and Urban Outfitters are some of your favorite retailers, you’ll probably be interested in Nuuly, a women’s fashion subscription service that lets you rent up to six items a month from these retailers and others for $88.00. In other words, as a member of Nuuly, you’ll be able to wear six items for the retail price of one. Plus, if you love any items and want to keep them, you can purchase them outright at a discounted price.


Still, hitting the gym as part of your 2021 resolutions? Reward yourself with a membership to Fabletics. Fabletics houses men’s and women’s athletic wear that boasts incredible quality at wallet-friendly prices. When you join the VIP club, you’ll agree to a $50.00 monthly fee, which can spend right away on new merchandise or held for you to redeem in the future. You can also opt-out whenever you like – but, trust us, with so many quality pieces in stock, you’ll find it hard to skip the month!

Menlo Club

Men’s fashion at affordable prices is what Menlo Club delivers. Take a short style quiz and pay $60.00 per month or $75.00 per season to receive a couple of new pieces from their brand roster. Though you can’t return items – only exchange them for different sizes – members are always free to pause or cancel their subscription, no strings attached. This makes Menlo Club a good place to start for men who want to refresh their closet, without spending a ton of money on stylish new items.

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